Got into Bugarach today... Russian TV camera crew was in little shop we walked into and we got on. They filmed a talk I had with the owner who was filled with information on the 'aliens' ufo's and had pictures. Others came in who were into new age teaching and more. A women was sitting there who said she has talked to the 'beings' and they talked to her and gave her a message. I asked to talk to her later and she agreed...... there is no doubt she is gripped by the fallen ones. Back to the shop tomorrow.

Strange thing.... there are no thousands of people there waiting! not hundreds, not dozens... it was very quite in Bugarach today. Even the Russian TV journalist was disappointed that it seemed they came all the way for nothing. They took me outside to interview me about what was in the mountian... they will give the the Russian TV show archive to post later.

So down to the Mayors meeting with the Russians, then to on to...  Rennes chateau and see the secrets???

Stopped at a little shop to get some French cheese, the owner immediately recognized our American language (he was from Paris but went to college in New Hampshire). He wanted to know what was happening... was the world going to end, was a new  consciousness coming, was Bugarach and the area in danger from what was going to happen. He had a lot of questions, he wanted to know what is going on, a women in the store was listening and said she wanted to know information too. He like so many feel (feel it in the air) that the world must change, that 'something' is happening but he doesn't know what. Rob talked to him more and gave him and the lady some great teaching material to read. We told him that we would come back tomorrow and talk more.

We left that shop and we both felt if we could stay here we would start an open bible study and seek to answer those questions with what the Holy Spirit says in the scripture and point to the massive prophetic scripture that would give the answers.

Back tomorrow

Russ Dizdar

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Russ and Will (Will is from England who is staying in the hostle we are in) by the backside of Renee Chapel area... very awesome mountains, very cold.