Boarding a train on the second day was going to be fun, thought I would have time to read or try to talk to someone. Two hours in the train controller came in and punched our tickets and after a few questions by Rob they realized we would not make the second train when we needed to switch. So the controller marked our tickets and set us for a different that would take us with the layover 3 extra hours.. 8 1/2 hours on trains was more time than the plane ride from the states to Paris. But we were trusting that God was leading.

On the new train (much older and slower) we had big seats and were ready to go when we heard more folks coming aboard. These 3 guys had just come from a big concert the night before and were talking and celebrating it. They sat on each side and then across from me, they were the 'band' the group that played. A rap group from Jersey (USA) on a train to Nice, to Carcassonne France. One started talking about spirits in his house which led into a two hour talk on spirits, demons, deliverance, God and the rise of evil in the world. The lead rapper was very interested and had many questions, the promoter of the band sat across from me. We got to share Jesus, our testimonies and how 'exorcism' works.

We shared scripture, answer questions and told about Jesus and His power over the demons. Told them about Jesus and what knowing Him personally was all about. What salvation meant. I gave the lead rapper my book The Black Awakening and the other one wanted one so I will send him one when I get back. Many more great questions that lead to more sharing of the gospel.... it was all an appointed moment. Two 'missionaries' from the States in France on a train to the 'alien' mountain in Bugarach get to share Jesus and His love and power with a rap group (and all those who were listening in around us) from Jersey! Did we come all the way from the states just for that? It was sure part of the reason.

On to the third day!
Russ Dizdar

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Inside the hostel.. its a great place to stay and the owner is of great help!  more later...