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Sponsors   Film Maker Tom Dunn and Author Russ Dizdar   www,shatterthedarkness.net  and www.throughtheblack.com  end of days troops of AC??  how to know and help the victims
Sponsers   Film Maker Tom Dunn and Author Russ Dizdar   www.shatterthedarkness.net  and www.throughtheblack.com
With Sherry Clausen sra counselor investigator. Books author P. Clark and Dr. G Reid will speak. A former survivor of satanic abduction and abuse name/TBA......and Jered Christmen from through the black and a special guest from the UK Wilfred Wong. .And occult satanic crimes 30+ years Detective (on screen)

Cost will be about 79 - 89 $ with couple and group discount

a training resource workbook will be included with every paid registration

registration Sunday night Jan 20th begins

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