Through darkness of night
wipe the blood from my face
quite the tears
remember their pain

Feel the rage
despising evil that inflects
silence is not now
a war is afoot

They lust for innocence
they steal the dream
close your eyes
you can't stop seeing

Cloaked in skin of secrecy
drenched in red emotion
dark grin does crack
they love the hollow, faded they are

Sons and daughters of ancient hate
smeared with filth
stained with guilt
lost forever empty shells

Peal back the cover
Down them now
they know nothing else
they love the hollow, faded they are

Fight dear saint
stained with grace
fire burns 
compelling love

No time to gaze
let fly the prayers
sink your grip
muster power divine

tick tic
the dark ones know
sickle will swing
tremble hell tremble

I will fight for you
distance seals nothing
wrapped in light
righteous rage I here your scream

I will fight for you
though nothing I am
I know another
once bruised He reigns

Set my face
swell my strength
those who cannot
He shall loose

I will fight for you
till snatched away
I will fight for you
till white robe I wear

You are worth the battle
Cross does speak
wood between the worlds
door of mercy do not close....no not yet

I will fight for you
value of heaven
I will fight for you
nothing else can buy

I know another
once bruised no more
rescue rages
He will not fade

He fights He fought
He lives He feels
He knows
all the tears He can stop

I will fight for you
don't lose sight
glory shall come
new day arrive

King Forever
let kingdom come
finish terror
let peace reign

King Forever
you fought for me
cannot let drift
so like You

I will fight for them

Rant for victims                             
against luciferians
By Russ Dizdar

Art by                                                                                                 

Kemper Crabb
ARKANGEL                                                                        FOR BROADCAST WEDNESDAY
                                                           ''RANT FOR THE VICTIMS AGAINST THE LUCIFERIANS''                                                                                                               PREEMPTION BROADCAST


So many of you were taken, used and abused.
They kept you hidden and in the box out of the box only to be used by the sick sons of  hell.
They will pay the price I know for sure.
For them no place to hide.
For you its been no place to find.
More of us are praying for you.
Many now in your 30's, 40's and even your 50's.
It's hard to remember even if you want to.
They stole so much from you.
We pray for your healing, your answers and the miracle of new life.
I am sorry no one came for you back then.
I wish I could have.
I would have.
Will you come out now?
Will you help get to little ones who are being used now?
We need you.
They need you even more.
Your persons on the inside have so much knowledge.
They could expose so much.
I hope you will write.
I hope we can help you even now.

Lets get to the little ones now.

More to come


Shatter the darknes