''Thanks for putting the time into the teaching portion of your ministry.  I
have been listening to most of the MP3's you've done with Taylor Kent and
Georganne Hughes.  They have really opened up my spiritual eyes to consider
more than just "the daily routine" of life.  I had been getting into work
and out of The Word and your ministry has really helped to get me centered
again on the importance of the times we are in. When I first heard of the
concept of what you call The Black Awakening, it sounded really far out and
on the fringe to me, but The Holy Spirit quickly witnessed concerning it and
about other things you are speaking about in your interviews.

I absolutely applaud you for always referencing God's Word whenever there is
a question/uncertainty of a topic in the interview's you've done.  I've 
gone through about 20-25 of your interviews, and you've consistently
referred to scripture and have always brought the conversation back to the
Word when it starts to get off into ideas/thoughts/opinions etc.. and you
will make the call if an idea is unscriptural.  It is such a blessing to
hear a pastor/teacher who is not afraid to dig into the truth about the
enemy, and who is balanced a love and knowledge of God's Word to fight it
with power.
I know you are a busy man, but if you have time to respond to this email, I
would really appreciate a recommendation of books/teachings that will give
me really solid answers to questions about New Age and other false
religions.  I know enough about Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Wicca etc.
to recognize the deception, but whenever I get into a conversation with
someone, I always lack the real hardcore factual evidence about the core of
those systems to present truth (I know that you even mentioned that some of
the higher up rituals in the mormon church are occultist in nature and stuff
like this).  I would really appreciate to know some books and references to
be able to give educated and well researched answers, not the same stuff
they always hear (Jesus is the only way etc..)
Also, I've recently been reading some material on how someone can trace the
start of all false religion to the Tower of Babel, and Nimrod- do you have
anything on this?
One other particular concern is the government.  My liberal friends have all
these facts and statistics on the corruption of the government and then on
the other side there are Republican talk show hosts and speakers who have
the opposite set of statistics.  One guy will talk about the big profits of
the oil companies, and the next thing you hear is a talk show host breaking
down the profit margin and showing how the oil companies truly make very
Personally I feel like my specific job is not to get caught up in all this
partisan stuff, but to pray for leaders and politicians-knowing that there
may be corruption; but regardless, to pray for God to move.  However, it
would be great to have  more specific information in order to be able to
take an intelligent stand among Non-Christians instead of always quietly
sliding off into another room when the topic of politics/government comes up-
and sometimes to not take a stand but be able to say, "Yeah, your right
about that" and have that be a witness that we, as Christian's, aren't just
evangelical, conservative Republicans who don't care, or see the need to
give an answer for our faith beyond our own views.''

I really appreciate your time
thanks for all the work you do
God Bless (Galatians 6:9, Ephesians 1:17, Philemon 1:7)''


''Hello Russ,

I just love your courses because every time I listen to them I
something new.

Thank you for this great gift you have giving me.The LORD has been doing alot healing and restoring in my life this year.12 years ago I move to akron area to get away from drugs and drinking and life with no hope.A year later I met a pastor who shown me that  GOD did not give up on me
and nothing impossible.That pastor is you and thank you from bottom of my heart for everything you have done for  me.Now I work with 20 to 30 teens a week that are on fire for the LORD.How aswome is that!Can you belive that i get up front speak to them WOW.I am praying for you and family.
                          LOVE YA BROTHER''
Dear GeorgeAnn
From the BYTE SHOW interview

I just finished listening to your interview with Pastor Dizdar,
"Taking Authority." I felt as though both you and he were speaking
directly to me. There were tears in my eyes and I felt my soul
being touched.

I have been listening to you with Georgeann for some time now and getting your newsletter for a few months, but I have never written to you.  I thought that I would now because I was especially blessed by the video "Rescue the Perishing" and wanted to let you know.  Thank you for sharing that with us.  Bless you for the work that you do and the impact you are making with the ones who have truely been cast aside by the mainstream and whose suffering, so many don't even know exists.  You are truly a man of God with a special anointing and a very urgent mission.  My prayers are with you.  Much love and Blessings to you..*******Denver
                                        Thank you dear friend for the kind words
To Russ Dizdar
I"m expecting a great deliverance for those individuals who have been coming against me.  In the mean time, I have been listening to your teaching on the Web and gaining more and more spiritual insight ,everyday.  I have also been telling other Believers as I am led of the Lord about your ministry.  They have told me how blessed they have been with your teaching, how you always come back to the Word of God as final authority and the humility that comes through as you"re speaking.  My daily prayers for you include that the Lord will multiply your success everyday as you reach out to those trapped in darkness. Your Brother in Christ,  ..............


Dear Brother Russ,
I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to you, and to God, for your very sound reply to my query.  I'm glad you finally realized you hadn't answered it as I was really starting to wonder if I would ever hear from you. Thanks SO MUCH for taking the time in your busy schedule to email me.
I'm glad the Lord is using your ministry in such a powerful way.  May the anointing of the Holy Spirit make you totally adequate in His all-sufficient adequacy for each demand of desperate people seeking your much-needed assistance.
In agape love,

You have taken the time a few months ago to email me about some of
concerns that I have been going through in my marriage.  I know
you must
be really busy so I wanted to let you know how much I really
the awesome ministry that you do.  The questions that you answered
helped give me some idea of the direction to go even though there
are no
easy solutions and deliverance, healing, and restoration will take


Please ADD me to the Updates List. I have been so rejuvinated to hear some one teaching th realities of todaays world situation!


In reference to a coven/order loyal who wrote Russ

"His comment reminded me of the T shirt worn by a student in

On the front:    "God is Dead" "signed Nietzsche"

On the back:     "Nietzsche is dead"  "Signed GOD"

And therein lies the whole story.
In their arrogance and stupidity they defy God but they live like
and die the same way.

Death to those of us who are His is not a problem (been there,
that) and the joy of living with Him is incomprehensible to the

From Canada
Hey Russ, thanks for spending some time with my wife and I over
lunch. I
enjoyed our visit.

Dear Russ,

I got the course outline package in the mail today. Listened to your
talk about the course on your website... wonderful and uplifting with
so much "hope." Thank you very much for including me. I will get the
book you mention "Prayer On Fire." Who is the author? The course is
great Russ... it is desperately needed and wanted. So happy it is now
on line for all. I am very excited about it.

a dear friend

Russ - thanks - It's marvelous to know a wonderful Ministry is praying for me!!!
Russ, your Ministry is the most concerned and devoted one I have ever encountered -- God Bless You!

from Boston

A student from the course 'CONFRONTING THE POWERS'

Thanks for your time and by the way, that CD you gave us last night is AWESOME!!!!!!! Thanks! This class is fantastic!

I also wanted to tell you that ****** and I am going to start giving to Shatter $100/mo.  You can count on that.... and not because I feel like I 'have to'  ..... but because I really believe in what God is doing through you... you're pretty cool... and what you do is even cooler....  and if this is all we're 'allowed' to do right now to show that, then so be it....

Hi Russ,
Just wanted to drop a note saying how much I appreciate the audio you've been doing with Georgeanne, I've learned quite a bit.

Dear Russ,
We write again from Mexico, thanks for all your work. We now can open your pages, really strange all of a sudden they opened up.

Hi Russ,

That was the weirdest timing!  I think I was supposed to hear that new pod cast even though I know it is meant for everyone. I was honestly thinking of giving up.

Please ADD me to the Updates List. I have been so rejuvinated to hear some one teaching th realities of todaays world situation!

Thank you Russ...keep up the good work...remain close to JESUS...your course on Confronting the Powers has been such a blessing to me...
Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might...

We need to clone that guy about 3000 times and place all of the russes we create

In strategic places all over the map

He gave me the scriptures I needed to basicly
deal with persomal issues .

Very inspiring show


Brother Dizdar,
The scriptures really touched me thank you.
God heard your prayer and today my husband got a job making 10,000.00 more per year with great benefits! He is in the position temporarily starting the Monday after his this Friday termination date, and will be considered for the job permanently in March.
                    Praise the Lord!!


Last night, I discovered your well informed interviews with
GeorgeAnn Hughes and felt the need to thank you for your prayers
directed at the housebound. I am 38 and just such a person. Probably
having had no more than a total of 20 hours of actual verbal
conversation with another human being over the past 5 years, much of my
time is spent with YHVH. Although, often times lonely in my solitude,
I have no self pitty for my circumstance; nonetheless, your
compassion for the housebound filled my heart with joy. Thank you and
God bless you.

In Jesus,


So thank you again for the class and all you are doing...May God richly bless you and uphold you with his mighty right arm of salvation and resurrection power!


Dear Shatter,Russ and all, Shalom,

''I needed to hear this message. Today!! Thank you soooooooooooo much!!!  I have been going through some things here, and this message has given me alot of confirmation to get out of my passivity state...I had slumped a bit. I am woken up now.

Blessings to you all. Now I know what course to order. I want the full course. Will order b4 next week.''

Thanks again

This message is AWSOME!!
God bless you, brother Russ. Right on time for me, in my circumstances. My head has been down for the last few days, its helped me to raise it up again.
Praise God!!''


''I've been a listener of P.I.D. Radio and I heard your interview on the show a couple weeks back.  It was extremely interesting and probably the best one I've heard.''


Last night, I discovered your well informed interviews with
GeorgeAnn Hughes and felt the need to thank you for your prayers
directed at the housebound.....  your
compassion for the housebound filled my heart with joy. Thank you and
God bless you.

In Jesus,

So thank you again for the class and all you are doing...May God richly bless you and uphold you with his mighty right arm of salvation and resurrection power!


Pastor Dizdar,
I thank Abba YHVH for you. I really enjoy every audio file you do with GeorgeAnne Hughes on the Byte Show and I have let her know as well.
I especially enjoyed your latest file, 'The Divinity of Jesus Christ'. You have been blessed with a unique ability to explain everything in such an understandable way. You really cleared up alot of questions I have had about Yeshua-Jesus over the years.
I would really like to hear a future file on the Holy Spirit.

''I ,once again, thank you for responding to my email. I have to tell you how utterly awesome I feel about what you are doing. Not only are you educating people about "the dark side" but you are offering the only Truth to counter what the devil is doing and you do it with such sincerety and humbleness that I'm touched when I hear you present Jesus Christ to all listeners. (I just listened to the blog from 5/4) I know that you are called by God for such a ministry, it's evident, and I'm going to try and support you monetarily whenever possible...................... Thank you also, again, for so eloquently and simply laying out how much God loves humanity. I earnestly look forward to next week's podcast and am going to listen to the series about knowing Christ that you just sent me. I can't tell you how grateful I am for all that you're doing.''
God Bless,

Thanks for you kind words Derik

''Hi Its Chris White from Nowhere to Run.
I finished “Confronting the Powers” this week, I thought Id
give you a
progress report.
Two of the main things that I took out of it was a strong desire
for the
studying the bible, a new thirst emerged during the course and
now I
consider reading my bible with my trusty highlighter my new
pastime. Also, It helped me develop a prayer outlook that had
been growing
ever since the interview I did with you, and really solidified
as the
course progressed. I now notice that the time I spend in prayer
is growing
each day, It is also becoming evident that through the prayers
of my own
and of others for me I am desiring more and more to be convicted
of sins
an I am noticing the Joy I have in being obedient to God. I
really looked
at you couse as a kind of seminary, and went into it with the
seriousness as one going to college.
I learned some of Satan’s strategy ect. through the course,
but as this
has been the focus of the majority of my research I had heard
understood much of it before. Thanks in part to the free
podcasts I had
listened to of yours before I had bought the course.
I also understand the importance of addressing specific evil in
and to use the gift God has given us which is the authority of
Jesus to
kick the devil out of that which is no longer his and or that
which need
no longer be.''

I received your package today of the 4 CDs on Spiritual Warfare and wanted to thank you for the extra cds you threw in.  I can't wait to study these - I have friends in Christian ministry under attack by a satanist and have recommended your ministry/web page and podcasts to them. I sent them the link to your recent interview on Tru News.  God bless you and the work you are doing and Happy Holidays to you and your family!  God bless,

''Hey Brother T. I am a podcaster on the Revelation radio Network. I enjoy your show it is very eye opening. I don't think there are many like you. I think your ministry is very important. ''

''Thank you for the awesome new show you are doing. I have been listening to the podcast, since i have an early Monday schedule, but tonight i got to listen to the beginning of the show live.
I am "TheWalk" in the chat room and want you to know that you have had an impact on my life in the past couple of years. I am a believer that grows more in my faith every time i hear you.
Sorry i had to sign out, but i will catch the show on my ipod tomorrow!
I pray for your guidance and protection every day. God bless you, Russ!''