1. TO POUR OUT MASSIVE PRAYER AND INTERCESSION. That prayer is to be done in the power of God and include praying for the lost and the body of Christ and praying against dark powers and the satanic agenda. See the Shatter Prayer Map/list for targeted intercession. 

2. TO REACH EVERYONE WE CAN FOR CHRIST. To evangelize anyone and everyone with the unequalled good news of Jesus Christ and the Salvation His has. See Shatter REEP trips and the book of Acts training for this!

3. TO PRAY FOR HEALING AND DELIVERANCE. To seek the full healing, help, delieverance and restoration of
broken lives.

4. TO TEACH AND TO TRAIN. To equip the believer in the Word of God, to do the works of Christ and to do the works of delieverance and healing. To seek help the Body of Christ to be aware and vilgent. See the Shatter school of ministy courses.

5. TO EXPOSE AND FIGHT THE RADICAL WORKS OF DARKENSS. By doing the great commission and being the light we are supposed to be to the world. We must expose evil, battle and pray against it and promote the victory of Jesus Christ over all till He comes.

6. TO NETWORK. To connect to all beileves who work in this focused area of ministry.