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You will help in reaching hundreds of thousands worldwide as they listen to the Ragged Edge Radio broadcast, this support will help Russ and this work reach victims of abuse, engage perpetrators and exposed radical evil. See the mini billboards below and click on the ones you want to review. This work includes our radio broadcast, Live TV, thousands of training mp3s/for courses. In the last ten years about 100 million downloads of these audio teaching & archives were downloaded by dear folks from over 150 nations. You help support the SIIUcrimes agency and core team that goes out to (Mark 16:20) help victims, intervene and investigate dark crimes.
This work was started by Russ Dizdar in the early 80s and became a mission based evangelistic work that would focus on victims of satanic crimes, abuse and those who are caught in grip of darkness. This evangelism outreach is proclaiming the gosple worldwide and many have found Christ as savior and Lord. You can read some testimonies here

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Thank you so much for the Powerful Prayers and for the great kind support, you help this unique mission work to reach worldwide. Please keep us in mind for end of the year support and for all of 2020.  The downloads of audio Radio mp3s and the teaching/course archives has gone from 250,000 downloads per month to over 700,000 per month to dear folks in over 150 nations. The Ragged Edge is growing and reaching new audiences and truly by the power of God has brought the messages and ministry of Jesus to so many. And as new doors open hundreds of thousands more will hear the indestructible gospel of Jesus, experience the power of God and thousands will join in the newer and broader call to prayer (for extending the mission and seeking true revival).
Please look for in 2020 upgraded websites: and our main site

The victim cases with the SIIU are far outnumbering our ability to respond .... so my goal in 2020 is to ramp up the call, recruiting and training of many new helpers.
And the NEW SHATTER LIVE TV for 2020 will have hundreds if not thousands to join in intensive training class/courses and be strongly urged to launch out in faith to do the works of Jesus that God designed (Eph 2:10) for us to do.

If you can join in on the book of Acts training (see here) it will be the most focused training that will help you become a powerful and effective servant of Christ
Your help supports these projects, works and ministries from Shatter The Darkness
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Russ Dizdar

Russ Dizdar
Infomation on our INVEST GOALS FOR 2020  posted on Jan. 1st 2020
You can help extend the work to millions and help Russ and this work train thousands to get involved

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