Shatter the Darkness begins

When I was working in a city wide youth ministry we began to see so many youth experimenting with Satanism and the dangerous new age spirituality was growing. Many youth were getting into darker practices so I started a team that would focus on targeting and reaching these youth for Christ. We called this team ‘shatter the darkness’, this was in 1979. We began to see youth in all of the schools who were into dark satanic practices and as we began to reach them we learned that many of them had adults who were teaching them and leading them. I decided I would read all that I could and research this area … I could see that these dark practices were growing and they were far more extensive than just a.... surface look could see. It the early 80’s is when we began to engage victims of satanic ritual abuse and even more of the darkest practice, this is when I saw that a vast network was out there and that it was beyond what anyone really knew. The goal was to just reach youth for Jesus but the growing deception and satanic underground was staggering.

Through the 80’s and then into the 90’s we were spending thousands of hours working with victims, dealing with demonic possession, uncovering connections to satanic covens and seeking to evangelize anyone who was being drawn into the satanic underground. I established Shatter the Darkness as a separate group in the early 80’s and we began to hold training and some conference work. We were working with hundreds of cases and seeing that this phenomenon of satanic ritual abuse was into the tens of thousands by the end of the 80's.

As we entered the 90’s we continued to recruit and train new workers while the demonized individuals and victims of the satanic agenda were coming in and being sent to us from over 50 churches in our area and from others states. The goal was for training and leaning all we could continued.

As I continued to pastor a local church the victims, cases and work in this area grew beyond anyone’s expectations...... there were just too many victims and the needs really growing as we sought to help them, train others and expose this vast underground. I left pastoring  local churches in end of 2006 and launched Shatter the Darkness full time in 2007, this is when I began speaking and doing some pod casts for awareness. Many radio stations began contacting us for info.

Shatter the Darkness and its developing areas of ministry began growing and reaching out to tens of thousands by 2009 and that is when I launched the full time live radio broadcast (preemption broadcast) now called The Ragged Edge Radio Broadcast. We were called to speak at conferences and I was compelled to write my first book THE BLACK AWAKENING: rise of the satanic super soldiers. I also began taking all of the courses and conference teaching/lectures and placing them for free on the World Wide Web for others.

In the last 9+ years the Lord Jesus has taken this work across the nation speaking to thousands at 90+ conferences, the websites I have felt led to begin Shatter the, The Ragged Edge Radio, The Black Awakening,, and others were for reaching out in evangelism, exposing this global satanic agenda, helping to train others........ well it has all grown worldwide and most important...... to this date over 52 million downloads of the teaching/training achieved mp3s and live course sessions have been downloaded by dear folks from over 170 nations. Monthly over 250,000 up to 400,000 downloads of the free training  MP3s/are listened to and I am compelled to produce more.

Currently Shatter the Darkness and the Ragged Edge Radio are ministering to hundreds of thousands monthly…. and this world wide reach is growing. The great news is dear folks are turning to Jesus Christ and getting saved from hearing the gospel off the radio messages, at the conferences and in our ongoing evangelism REEP mission trips. We are spending hour’s weekly counseling victims, seeing the demonized set free and hearing from hundreds of believers in Christ who want to know and be trained. Thousands are taking the free courses and even join the new live on line classes.

I want to thank you for considering supporting this work, thank you if you already are and thank you for considering investing in our bigger projects. Our main need is the monthly support.

By supporting Shatter the Darkness you help us stay on this field of ministry. This includes The Ragged Edge Live Radio worldwide that goes to hundreds of thousands in over 170 nations of the world, the training courses posted and live, the websites that serve millions, the weekly evangelism outreach REEP team, The SIIU (Shatter Intervention Investigation Unit), the conference speaking and training, weekly counseling, deliverance work and consultation to others and more.

We try to make all of our work free to all and this has gone out to millions worldwide (except of course the published book and workbooks), I will continue to use only 5- 10 seconds on the live radio broadcasts to mention support and we will not have adds or business/product sales which takes up so much precious radio time.

Please do consider monthly support and for those who can take a look at our ‘big’ projects for major investment. You can give by Pay Pal, monthly pay pal, the Shatter PO box for support to be sent in. By your support we can now help many all over the world in 2018, thank you for considering this work.

Thank you so much
Russ Dizdar

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Please know that when you support this work you help us to:  Broadcast the Ragged Edge Radio show live and by archive freely to tens of thousands upon thousands. This helps give away freely about 2 million + down loads of teaching, training, course and radio archives per year. Support helps us do the REEP  and SIIU trips that reaches out to victims of ritual abuse and those in human trafficking. This also helps up keep giving on line live training courses for equipping hundreds of students who are hungry to grow and help. We will continue to make evangelism and prayer the main part of all we do.  This and all we do is supported by our monthly help given by those who have benefited and see the benefit for others. Thank You