Please know that when you support this work you help us to:  Broadcast the Ragged Edge Radio show live and by archive freely to tens of thousands upon thousands. This helps give away freely about 2 million + down loads of teaching, training, course and radio archives per year. Support helps us do the REEP  and SIIU trips that reaches out to victims of ritual abuse and those in human trafficking. This also helps up keep giving on line live training courses for equipping hundreds of students who are hungry to grow and help. We will continue to make evangelism and prayer the main part of all we do.  This and all we do is supported by our monthly help given by those who have benefited and see the benefit for others. Thank You


Our Story

Thank you for you very consideration for helping and support all this work. I welcome you and we need your support for all of 2019 …..and beyond. This work because of the hand of God and the support given has been used to impact tens of thousands and influence hundreds of thousands worldwide.
When you support Shatter The Darkness you help Russ bring the gospel, teaching, training and current event (prophecy insights) issues that must be engaged to dear folks from over 150+ nations daily through THE RAGGED EDGE RADIO BROADCAST.

You help support the direct ministry that goes out to individuals we meet for counseling and direct evangelism. You support the www. direct work with victims who have experienced the worst possible abuses (satanic ritual abuse, human trafficking, abuse pedo-rings etc.).
This support helps us ( in the intervention and investigation of radically evil perpetrators whom we seek to expose and have put away.
You will also help the tens of thousands from around the world take training courses and listen to mp3 audios that will help them step out into ministry. To date over 75 million downloads of these teaching, training, gospel and biblical instruction audio-mp3s have gone out so many worldwide. And to this date  250,000 to 500,000 audios are downloaded every month…..and they are free to all.
You support Shatter The Darkness, www, www and all the free courses here at www. and more.
Your support will also help Russ launch ‘Shatter Live TV’, add to the Ragged Edge Radio broadcast AM stations with the Live TV starting in January 2019. This will help teach and train thousands more with the goal to see them become strong in Lord and begin doing the very works of Christ as seen in the book of Acts.
Here is some of the history of Russ Dizdar and this ministry SHATTER THE DARKNESS.

In the Beginning
Russ was the director of (see Russ’ bio here) the greater Akron Youth For Christ and saw a great need to target youth who were being drawn into dark occultism, deadly practices and who are embracing demons and satan's very destructive agenda. Shatter the Darkness was started as an evangelistic work targeting those who were embracing radical evil. We launched workers to target those youth and reach them with the gospel. We began to seen then (1980 on) the more hidden darker side of satan's agenda growing. I started Shatter the Darkness to target and go after those being so deceived and to help expose the dark-sides lethal works.
This all lead to us working with extremely demonized, abused people who could only be freed by the saving, healing delivering work of Jesus Christ.
From 2007
After 30 years of being a local senior pastor while at the same time building the work of Shatter the Darkness…the time came to move from the local area out to the world. Just before 2007 (and it was hard to do) being called distinctly by the Lord to go, I left being a the local church pastor to do this work of Shatter the Darkness full time. From that point this work has grown in 10 years to speaking to and engaging hundreds of thousands worldwide, the impact of the powerful work of Jesus has been astounding. God is so far ahead of all we think or image (Eph. 3:13-21). By 2008 the door opened wide to have my own live radio broadcast (THE RAGGED EDGE RADIO) which has grown to reach into and up to 170 nations.

All of this has led to open doors to preach in churches, at events, do seminars and then launch all this specialized ministry into nationwide conferences. I have now taken the gospel, the work of Shatter the Darkness across the USA and the message you have heard on the Ragged Edge Radio to well over 100 conferences. I have seen the hunger of thousands of believers who desperately want to be at the cutting edge in knowing what is going on (biblical prophecy), understand the massive growth of radical evil (the demonic satanic side), its need to be exposed and dealt with …and most of all I have seen the staunch desire of so many great believers who want to be taught and who want to be powerful servant in the hand of God in these last days.

In the last ten years we have also taken this work to many abused victims nation wide (and to the world) and sought to bring to them all that Jesus is and does. We have engaged the vilest evil perpetrators who have threatened us and sought to stop us. We have gone after those in the evil underground, investigated them, turned state’s evidence and seek -prayed for their downfall. Its is a battle for sure.

In this work and with the support and prayers I have taken teams (SIIU) across the US and into Scotland, Germany, France, Poland and Switzerland.
The biggest burden to this day is getting to the overwhelming numbers of those in desperate need. It is very clear to me that Jesus has all the answers for the deepest needs but getting to everyone is the God given burden (Luke 10).  I just want to put thousands of highly trained very God-empowered believers on the field of current human history and do the work of Jesus we were commissioned to do.

So from the slight mentions of ‘TEN MILLION FIERCE’ in 2017-2018 to the real belief that God can lead us to train and or influence 10 million believers worldwide to become like ‘Philip’ (the Philip factor) as seen in Acts Chapter 8 is real. It is in my faith estimation that it is very possible and worth the God given passion to seek it. So can we impact, influence and help train…………….and launch thousands of (up to 10 million powerful-fearless-fierce) believers in Christ to do what Phillip did in Acts 8? can be sure this is my passion, battle and joy filled goal!! 

And now 2019
As I continue all the work of this ministry, I do expect it to all grow beyond what I think or imagine (Eph. 3:14-21) (see our THANK YOU 2018-2019)


Shatter the Darkness is moving out to move mountains in 2019 and beyond the glory of God. I hope to see many hundreds trained and launched into the work of Christ, tens of thousands more who will hear by Radio and now by Live Shatter TV. The potential now is for the RAGGED EDGE RADIO BROADCAST to add AM stations, more satellite in Europe and even syndicate its broadcast (they tell me the possible listener-ship, those who have sat-dishes and satellite cable is well over 100 million).

So if you have been  supporting……you have helped in all of this for sure. If you are going to help support now THANK YOU! I do need monthly support committed for all this ongoing work. I also need some who are very blessed and able to help with the ‘INVEST’ page to help with the current big need items.
From me ….Russ Dizdar, thank you so much. Keep me the teams, workers, helpers and this full work in your prayers.

Eph. 3 20 Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly beyond all that we ask or imagine, according to the power that works in us, 21 to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen.

Russ Dizdar
Russ Dizdar
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